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About Us

In 1996 we had the largest sale on the Internet that year. We sold a $25,000+ sale to a New Jersey customer. Shortly after the sale was complete, that dollar amount was overshot when Boeing announced the sale of a commercial jet. That was the year that media began covering Internet Commerce. A few years later, on-line transactions became known as E-Commerce.

We were among the first companies obtaining revenue from website driven consumers. We sold millions of dollars in products and services, created three product brands, and leveraged the Internet well. We created on-line shopping carts before most people knew what they were. We developed on-line sales presentations using video and 3-D imaging while most of the world was busy selling behind the cash register.

Thirty years of brick and mortar retail experience (in the building trade) helped us understand consumer buying. Realizing the potential of the Internet, we began to pursue technical education. After hundreds of classes, and many years of experience, we could now combine our marketing knowledge with our technical savvy. As a Certified Web Developer with real world marketing experience, we have unique insight that most technical firms lack. That is why we specialize in transforming brick and mortar businesses into on-line consumer portals.

Is your current website generating revenue? We believe all websites should add to the growth of business. If your current website is not giving you a return on your investment, call us today at 774-313-9147.

What We Offer


In addition to our technical expertise, we understand what it takes to operate a brick and mortar business. We throughly understand what is required to transform real world success into an easy to use, on-line, revenue generating entity.


We leverage the Internet using latest high speed servers on the fastest Internet connections available. In addition to powerful computing, we are able to create our own programs or use the best software available to achieve success for your company.

Team Work

We have been working in the Web industry for many years, and have obtained professional associations within almost every level of technology. We offer an advanced knowledgeable team at your finger tips. We can help you achieve more.

Corporate Training

Growing your company on-line might first seem to be a daunting task, but if you work with us, you will find help to overcome your fears. We offer in-house training custom designed to your business model. We offer this service to companies that hire us to develop their website(s).

On-line success can add revenue and additional work to your company. Most of the every day on-line tasks are very similar to brick and mortar operations. If you have been successful at running a brick and mortar company, you should transition into this new addition quickly.

If your company needs assistance, we offer a paid system of educational support. Some of the training we offer might cover the topics listed below:

  • Shopping Cart Management
  • Order Processing
  • Shipping/Logistics
  • Shopping Cart Inventory
  • Product Management
  • Content Management
  • Customer Management
  • Customer Service
  • Promotional Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • PPC Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Business Seminars

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We offer basic E-Commerce evening classes for the local community at Cape Cod Community College and Upper Cape Tech. These short classes have been developed to present the concept of on-line commerce to business owners, managers, and those involved in start-ups. Many topics are covered which focus on transforming a successful brick and mortar business into an electronic version with the intention of creating corporate growth.

Business owners can obtain valuable insights as to how the entire on-line marketing process works. If you are not sure that your company is ready for on-line commerce, or you wish to improve your on-line presence, you should attend one of our business seminars.

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Please give us a call at 774-313-9147 for information on the next available training session.